Balkan Refugee Trail – A Pathway for European Solidarity
Invitation: Vienna Conference
October 2nd-3rd, 2017 in Vienna
The Balkan route is closed but nevertheless refugees are still coming to Europe and the EU is struggling to find a common strategy to deal with this challenge. At the same time, NGOs are criminalized, especially regarding the rescuing of refugees in the Mediterranean.
For years NGOs promote strategies for „safe entry“ for refugees in need of protection. How could these strategies be promoted to influence national and EU political decisions?
There must be an alternative to the closing of refugee routes and externalizing the responsibility for those who are in need of protection? What about the wave of solidarity that occurred in many European countries amongst the civil society? To what extent can this solidarity towards refugees have a positive impact on democratic structures and processes? Can solidarity be restored as a central democratic value against the current neoliberal mainstream?
Experts, researches and practitioners from various sectors and countries - Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Slovenia, Greece and Macedonia - will come together to this conference in Vienna to share their impressions and research results. In panel discussions and workshops the participants are invited to work together with these experts to develop future strategies and possible solutions for Europe. The conference is funded by the Europe for Citizens programme and organized by Interkulturelles Zentrum and asylkoordination austria in cooperation with Center for Peace Studies (Croatia), Asylum Protection Center (Serbia), Greek Council for Refugees (Greece), Legal-information center for non-governmental organisations (Slovenia), Legis (Former Republic of Macedonia), Hungarian Helsinki Committee (Hungary).
If you want to contribute and participate in this conference, please send a registration email (name, country, organization/institution you’re working for) until September 22, 2017 to (  
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Franjo Steiner, Herbert Langthaler
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